The Department of Veterans Affairs will furnish, upon request, at no charge to the applicant, a Government headstone to deceased, eligible veterans in any cemetery. For more information about Veterans Headstones, Bronze Memorials, and Bronze Medallions click here.

To locate the form you need to complete and what is required to order your Veterans Headstone, Bronze Memorials and Bronze Medallions click here. Scroll down until you see: How do I apply for a memorial item?

Clark Memorials finds most people choose the flat bronze grave marker. It can be used as the headstone or footstone. It is 24 inches long, 12 inches wide, with 3/4 inch rise. Weight is approximately 18 pounds. Anchor bolts, nuts and washers for fastening to a base are furnished with the marker. The government does not furnish a base. We offer the granite base to go under a bronze government marker and we will explain additional memorialization options, such as flower vases or verses to further personalize the headstone.

If the veteran already has a marker and the spouse now requires a matching memorial, Clark Memorials is here to assist you.

Please be aware that if the government marker is to be placed in a private cemetery, all foundation and installation costs are the responsibility of the veteran or his/her family.